It's Spritz o'clock

I love a Pimms No. 1 as much as the next woman.  Slightly sweet, refreshingly fruity and relatively low in alcohol, it's the perfect summer tipple (or session beverage, as the boys would call it).

But even during this miserable summer, I feel like I've OD'd on the faithful fruit cup.  This is where having a little sister who's taken up residence in Italy comes in very handy. 

On her last visit, the gorgeous girl presented us with this:

Snuggled up together in their shredded paper bedding were two best friends - Aperol and Prosecco.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Aperol, it's an Italian aperitif that's a less bitter version of Campari with a slight orangey flavour.  

It also forms the basis of Spritz, a wonderfully refreshing 'aperitivo'.

The classic mix is:

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda or seltz
Ice, half a slice of orange.

It's often served in a short glass with lots of ice; although I don't usually mess with Italian classics, this time I chose a wine goldfish bowl sans the orange slice.

I appreciate that it resembles a large measure of Iron Bru but, trust me when I say that once you try it, you'll be quaffing it for the rest of the "summer".

Plus it's more alcoholic than Pimms, so will turn that drizzly rain into a warm, fuzzy haze.

Enjoy with a bowl of queen green olives and pretend you're kicking back in the sunshine overlooking a Venetian piazza. 

Oh, just so you know, it doesn't taste the same if your ice cubes aren't shaped like tube signs. 


  1. Hi! I found your blog through a comment on one of The Londoners posts. Anyways, I really like how you write and your pictures and everything and I think a lot of people would read your blog if you make posts more often! I know it's time consuming and things but I just want to know that what you have is really cool and I enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Ally

    Thank you so much for the comment - I'm really glad you enjoy it and will try to keep up the good work! :-)

    I'm trying to post consistently at the moment but, hopefully, once I get more used to it, I'll be able to make the posts more frequent x