Super Snapper - Annamarie Stepney

This weekend is a pretty special one for me.  It marks exactly one year since I vowed to be a best friend and partner in crime; to encourage, inspire and conspire with in mischievousness (yes, that's actually what I promised!), to one person, for the rest of my life. 

Looking through our wedding photos, I was transported back to all of the precious moments of the day and realised how lucky we are to have a collection of photographs that can put butterflies in my tummy and make my heart swell with love and pride in exactly the same way as it did a year ago. 

I could happily make this the laziest post ever and just display all of Annamarie Stepney's incredible photos, as they speak so much louder than words.

They lady herself, however, deserves a little introduction, for any of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her.  "She's a positive force", was how my husband described Anna having met her last summer.  I couldn't agree more.

We were in the process of trying to choose a photographer to capture the day and, luckily for us, Anna made that decision pretty easy.  Not only had we seen her beautiful website but, when we first met, we spent the whole evening laughing and giggling and left feeling like we'd been catching up with an old friend.

A couple of months before the wedding, we caught up with Anna in Brighton for an engagement shoot, which is a fantastic idea if, like us, you're not especially comfortable 'Vogueing' for the camera.

We started off rather awkwardly; me trying to emanate the typical celebrity red carpet pose - hand on hip, one leg in front of the other - and hubby resembling a very keen army cadet.   With some helpful tips and encouragement from Anna, we were soon posing like pros and feeling so relaxed it was almost natural.  As you can see, in some shots, perhaps a little too natural!

It was a brilliantly fun day topped off by Anna’s lovely husband buying some delicious cupcakes to pep us up after the weather turned a bit blustery on the sea front.  The pictures didn’t disappoint either – not only were they stunning, but they captured us as a couple, silliness and all, which is exactly how we wanted to remember the wedding day.

On the day itself Anna did us proud, from helping the boys with their button holes when they were all nervous fingers and thumbs to being a very calming presence amongst the girls rushing around though clouds of hairspray and flourishes of red lipstick. Oh, and she took some pretty awesome photos too!

Here are a few more shots to indulge my happy memories and showcase Anna's talent.

The photos were truly the icing on the wedding cake and then the cherry was popped on top when the gorgeous Annabel featured our wedding on Love My Dress. I had poured over her blog pretty much every day from the moment I got engaged, sourcing inspiration from all the beautiful posts, so it's fair to say that I was more than a little excited.  Even now, I can't resist a sneaky peak at each new wedding post.

So, if you're embarking on the exciting process of wedding planning, may I make a little suggestion: your photographs are your memories and the person who takes them plays a very big part in your day.  Make sure it's someone who you trust, who is a consummate professional and, above all, who you genuinely like and get on with.  I can confirm that Anna is all of the above and we were extremely lucky to have found her. 

All photographs featured in this post were taken by Annamarie Stepney.


  1. Beautiful photos, and memories you will have forever. Love your jimmy choos too :)

  2. Thank very much honey - every bride needs a bit of foot bling! :-)

  3. Aaaaaaah hello lovely! What a surprise to see and read this...somehow your new venture has escaped me!?! hehe {....although it could well be the old babybrain kicking in again! hehe}
    How sweet to read your thoughts on me and my 'super snapping' hehe as you put it *blushing* - I have such fond memories of you guys too and I truly wish you all the love and luck in the world as you move forward on your new venture!
    Love and hugs to you both
    A x