Lifestyle [laif-stail] - noun

1. A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person

I don't believe that there's a more all-encompassing word.  

It has a different significance for everyone, but pretty much sums up day to day existence, whatever that may involve.


Recently celebrating my 7 year anniversary as a Londoner made me wonder whether I'd get 'the itch'.  You know, the 7 year one, where you inexplicably feel like you want to do something or be somewhere different but are not quite sure what or where. 

Well, I'm very glad to say that I can't foresee the need to scratch happening any time soon.  
Almost every day I discover something new and exciting that I think is worth sharing. Everything from a yummy recipe to a little-known London hangout, or some killer quick exercise moves to a great freebie business resource. 

Maybe it's because I'm lucky enough to live in (what I think is) one of the world's greatest cities, with endless options to tickle any fancy you might have on any given day. 

Or maybe it's because, with a little imagination, passion and fun, life can be full and varied - wherever you may be. 

Whatever your lifestyle, I hope you'll find something here that interests or inspires you, or even just a few silly pictures that make you smile. 

I'm Celine and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it.

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