A local gem


Well, local to me, that is.  But I strongly recommend a visit if you're in or around SW19 - perhaps during a little-known tennis tournament hosted by the area in June?

Bayley & Sage is a neighbourhood food store that stocks an incredible array of fresh, seasonal produce, luxury artisan brands and products from independent local suppliers.  For those of you who know and love Wholefoods, it's a similar deal but, in my humble opinion, ten times better.

For starters, it's small but perfectly formed (this is coming from someone who has been lost in Wholefoods countless times, mind), thereby narrowing down choice and making the process of deciding what to have for supper a whole lot quicker and easier.  

Plus, there is only one store, so it feels like a true independent food-lover's paradise.  It's also within a stone's throw of Wimbledon common, so you can work up a real appetite with a brisk walk first and have even more of a reason to treat yourself once inside.

But that's enough talk from me - why don't I let some photos speak for themselves.  Happy salivating!

Fresh, fresh, fresh!


At last, somewhere I can buy handfuls upon handfuls of samphire as opposed to piddley little packets (this is obviously when I don't go foraging for it myself!)

Soooo many different breads and freshly made goodies.


Olives for every day of the week.

Breakfast cereals made by Bayley & Sage customer Kate Freestone - talk about supporting local producers.

At least 4 pigs' worth of gorgeous cured meat.

 One word, 'yum'.

 Say fromage.


Well, you can't have one without t'other!

A true local gem. 

Do let me know of any similar places near you that I can investigate (read: drool on the floor of) when around and about London town. 

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