Propstore - Southbank

My last two posts have been a bit like buses, but I couldn't resist quickly sharing a great find.

Whilst sauntering along the sunny South Bank during my lunch break, I came across Propstore, the National Theatre's new pop-up bar & cafe. 

This quirky little place is built from and furnished with scenery, sets and props from previous National Theatre productions.

Upon peaking inside, I was struck by the huge array of paraphernalia hanging from the bar and ceiling. 

The gorgeous weather today had coaxed all the punters outside, but the bar is open until 2am on the weekends and features DJs and live music.

I urge you to pop in and play 'spot the prop' over a drink and some grub.  I was enthusiastically presented with the goose puppet from War Horse by a very sweet member of staff, but there are others which aren't quite so obvious. 

Such a fun and novel idea - I look forward to returning to sample their wares soon. 

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