Last Friday I momentarily shook off my Olympic fever and hopped, skipped and jumped over to London Bridge to Feast.

With the London street food revolution well and truly underway, Feast seeks to bring some of its best offerings together under one roof (figuratively speaking, seeing as it's open air).

We crossed the kitchen utensil threshold to The Quad at Guy's Hospital and surveyed the appetising scene. 

The stalls that stretched along the sides of the quad included Morito, Patty & Bun, Pizza Pilgrims, Hawksmoor, Meringue Girls, Big Apple Hot Dogs to name but a few. 


We strolled amongst the communal tables flanked by tea towel bunting and savoured an Aperol Spritz whilst debating what to eat first. 

Following a long debate and two more Spritz, we decided that oysters from The Wright Brothers would aid brain power and assist the process. 

I then plumped for the pulled pork and coleslaw from Barbecoa: 

Followed by the Meringue Girls' incredible Eaton Mess: 

Although I could have happily eaten everything on offer, these two dishes were exceptional and surprisingly large portions for the price. 

As the sun set and the square glowed from streetlights and pizza ovens, the live music began. 

A quartet of talented young men serenaded us with some Ragtime sounds.

When we left, the party was still going strong - a perfect mix of food, drink, music and merriment. 

Do follow Feast on Twitter (@wefeastlondon) as they'll be back with another offering very soon.  Who knows where you might be feasting next. 

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