It's Rye Time...

...for a snack.

As much as I love freshly baked, crusty, white bread - and I do, I really do - sometimes my body needs a few more nutrients than it can provide.

At those times I turn to an open rye bread sandwich.

Rye is a fantastic alternative to wheat-based breads; it's full of fibre and vitamins such as manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.  All in all, a pretty healthy base upon which to pile a colourful bounty of tastiness.

Rye bread is also pretty dense and filling, so it's the perfect candidate for an open sandwich, as you don't need to use too many slices.

Here are three of my favourites: 2 savoury, 1 sweet. 

Avocado and goat's cheese


- 2 mashed avocados spread onto the bread
- 150g goat's cheese sprinkled on top 
- Lots of cracked black pepper
- A pinch of coarse sea salt 
- A good lug of extra virgin olive oil

Smoked salmon and beetroot


- A couple of chopped cooked beetroots mixed with some cream cheese and splash of red wine vinegar 
- Spread on the bread 
- A few pieces of smoked salmon layered on top 
- Some chopped spring onion tips
- Cracked black pepper

Peanut butter, banana and mixed berries with yoghurt

- Good quality, crunchy peanut butter spread on the bread
- A sliced banana laid on top
- Berries mixed with probiotic natural yoghurt dolloped on top (strawberries and blackberries, in this case)
- A good drizzle of honey and some toasted flaked almonds

And there you have it: a breakfast, lunch or snack packed full of goodness, which will fuel you through all that intense Team GB support. 

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